The core workshop takes part from Monday 26th-27th June, however it accompanied by an Agri-Tech Robotics Hackathon which will start on Sunday 25th June and will run till mid-day on the 28th June.  The workshop will take place in the Department of Engineering, University of Cambridge.  The provisional schedule is given below:

Sunday 24th June: Welcome and introduction to the Hackathon Challenge  and brainstorming session.
The hacakthon challenge will be  announced and teams will start working on the challenge.

Monday 25th June: ROBOTICS & HARDWARE
9:00:       Robots in agriculture: Farming for the future (Dr. F. Iida etc.)
10:30:     Coffee Break & Poster Session
11:00       Industrial Talks (G’s Growers etc.)
12:30:     Poster Flash Talks. 3 mins per speaker
13:00:     Lunch
Afternoon: Hackathon Session and Strategic Discussion on how to achieve make impact in Agri-Food Industries.
Evening: Workshop Dinner (in a College)

Tuesday 26th June: VISION & LEARNING
9:00:        Vision and Learning in Agriculture and Food (Prof. Cipolla etc.)
10:30:       Coffee Break & Poster Session
11:00:       Future of Agriculture
12:30:       Discussion. What are the best challenges to tackle
13:00:       Lunch
Afternoon: Hackathon and Discussion

Morning: Hackathon Session
13:00:        Lunch
14:00:        Hackathon Presentations
15:00:        Wrap-up and Awards
15:30:        Workshop Ends