We have a wide range of world-leading speakers from both academia and industry who reflect the multi-disciplinary nature of this research area.  The speakers will give talks on a variety of topics and will take parts in panel discussions.

Academic Speakers

  • Fumiya Iida (Lecturer, University of Cambridge, main organiser, research interest include biologically inspired soft robotics, robotic manipulation and locomotion);
  • Mukesh  Kumar (University of Cambridge, Lecturer, digitalization of food supply chain, packaging).
  • Jonathon Rossiter (Professor, University of Bristol, research interests include soft robotics, agricultural robotics);
  • Tom Duckett (University of Lincoln, research interests include agricultural robotics)
  • Simon Pearson (University of Lincoln, Agricultural robotics)
  • Richard Harvey (University of East Anglia, Research Interests include Computer Vision)
  • Martin Stoelen (University of Plymouth, agricultural robotics)
  • Matthew Howard (King’s College London, Soft robotic harvesting).
  • Roberto Cipolla (University of Cambridge, Computer Vision)
  • Jordan Boyle (University of Leeds, Bio-inspired Robotics)
  • Letiza Mortara (University of Cambridge, Strategic Technology Development)

Industrial Speakers:

  • Jacob Kirwan, G’s Growers
  • Duncan Robertson, Dogtooth Technologies
  • Nestle
  • John Deere